Professor Innocent Bamidele Osho

Professor Innocent Bamidele Osho

Visiting Professor

Professor Osho is currently a visiting professor to the Drug Research and Production Unit. He is a Research Professor of Parasitology and Ethnoveterinary Medicine (Phytomedicines). He holds a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria , Master and Doctor of Philosophy in Parasitology from The Federal University of Technology , Akure. Prof. Osho specializes in the area of Veterinary Parasitology, and Ethnoveterinary Medicine (Phytomedicines) with special interest in clinical management of Parasitic, bacterial and viral diseases in animals from medicinal plants and other clinical presentations. He focused his researched on the evaluation of the therapeutic potentials of many medicinal plants with demonstrated bioactivities against experimentally infected animals with trypanosomal agent and other protozoan agents.
Prof. Osho has published over Sixty articles in international peer reviewed journals and reviewing for academic and professional Journals which include International journal of molecular Veterinary Research Canada, Journal of Research in Science and Management, FUTA, Journal African Biotechnology, Kenya, and Journal of Laboratory Science (JLS) Ibadan. He has supervised many undergraduate and postgraduate students which led to the award of Masters in Agriculture Technology and Master of Technology in Animal Health (Parasitology) and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Microbiology, Medicinal Chemistry (Natural Product). He has served as external and internal examiners to many undergraduate and postgraduate examinations. He has attended many local and international conferences where he delivered scholarly papers on phytotherapy. Prof. Osho has won many grants awards at both local and international level; these include: Educational Trust Fund (Etf) Research Grant (2012): Assessment of Unripe Plantain (Musa sapientum Linn. Var. paradisiacal) Products as Dietary Intervention in Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (NIDDM) and Hypertension; University Senate Research Grant (1995): Comparative studies on antimicrobial activities of toxins from bacteria and plant extract National Agricultural Research Project (1997): Control of important bacterial, viral and protozoan diseases Theme no. (4) (H) 52(a), Zone: South West Prof. Osho is member of many professional bodies which include:: i) Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association VCN 2273, Parasitology and Public Health Society of Nigeria , Member, Nigerian Society for Animal Production, Member, European Phytochemical Society, Member and Ecological Society of Nigeria (ECSON).

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