Dr Christianah Abimbola Elusiyan

Dr Christianah Abimbola Elusiyan

Principal Research Fellow

Profile of Dr Elusiyan, Principal Research Fellow

Dr Christianah Abimbola Elusiyan is a specialist in the area of Natural Product Chemistry with special interest in the chemistry of essential oils of aromatic and medicinal plants and their potentials and biological activities including CNS, memory enhancing, antimalarial, antisickling, wound healing and other properties.

She has been involved in isolation and characterisation of bioactive secondary plant metabolites for the past 15 years and building capacity in studies of essential oils for the last 5 years.

She is a recipient of the University of KwaZulu-Natal Postdoctoral fellowship award in 2009 and C. V. Raman Fellowship for African Researcher in 2012. She is also a recipient of some National and International research grants to support her research efforts. She has attended many International, regional and local conferences and has established collaborations with many Institutions abroad including University of Idaho, USA, University of Mississippi, USA, Universidade Federal  De Goias, Brazil, Natural Chemotherapeutics Research Institute, Ministry of Health, Uganda, Kwame Nkiruka University of Science and Technology and Forestry Research Institute of Ghana, Ghana.

She is a member of many scientific and professional organisations including Society for Medicinal Plant Research (GA), Western Africa Network of Natural Products Research Scientist, Institute of Chartered Chemist of Nigeria, Royal Society of Chemistry amongst others.


Qualifications: PhD – Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife

M.Sc. – University of Ibadan, Ibadan

B.Sc. – University of Ibadan, Ibadan

Discipline: Phytochemistry

Tel. No: +234 806 0088 516

e- mail: bimbola2009@gmail.com

Alt. e-mail: caelusiyan@oauife.edu.ng

Research Area: Natural Product Research


List of publications – Dr C. A. Elusiyan

  1. Contributions to Book

Elusiyan, C. A. (2017). Methods of Extraction, Isolation and Standardisation of Phytopharmaceuticals. In: Fajemiroye, J. O. (Editor), Psychoactive Plants: Ethical Issues and Basic Evaluations. Kruger Brentt Publishers, UK. Pp 103 – 118, 161-17. ISBN 978-1-78715-000-3.

  1. Published Articles
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iii.            Oboh, G. and Elusiyan, C.A. (2007). Changes in the Nutrient and Anti-nutrient Content of Micro-fungi Fermented Cassava Flour Produced from Low- and Medium-cyanide Variety of Cassava Tubers. Afr. J. Biot. 6(18), 2150 – 57.

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xii            Fajemiroye J.O, Ferreira N.L, de Oliveira L.P, Elusiyan C.A, Pedrino G.R, da Cunha L.C and da Conceição E. (2016). Matricaria recutita and its Isolate-Apigenin: Economic Value, Ethnopharmacology and Chemico-Biological Profiles in Retrospect. J. Pharmacog. and Phytochem 4 (4),17-31.

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  1. Published and Refereed Conference Proceedings:

xvii.        Elusiyan, C.A. and Oboh, G. (2003). The Effect of Fermentation on the Chemical Composition of some Cereal Waste (pomase). Proccedings of the 16th Annual Conference of Biotechnology Society of Nigeria, Federal University of Technology, Akure, Pp. 180 – 82.

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  1. Manuscript Accepted for Publication:

xix          Adetunji, S. A.,, Oyemitan, I. A., Elusiyan, C. A. and Ilesanmi, O. R. (2018). Behavioural, Sedative and Anticonvulsant Activities of Fractions of Persea americana Mill Seed Extract n Mice. Nigerian Journal of Natural Products and Medicine.